Land of the Giants Review

Land of the Giants was an American TV program that was aired in the 60s. It was created and produced by Irwin Allen, a notable television and film director.  The TV series is an hour long science fiction program which lasted two seasons with 51 episodes and was shown on ABC.  It was released by 20th Century Fox Television.  The entire series was filmed in color and was considered as one of the most expensive television shows produced, costing $250,000 per episode.  Actors portraying the roles in the series were required to be physically fit since they had to do all the stunts featured in the TV series.

Land of The Giants #3Land of the Giants was supposed to be a mid-season replacement but then changed and was aired for a full season in fall of 1968.  The first of its 12 episodes were shot during summer and fall in 1967.  Some episodes of the program were played in an out of orderly manner which caused confusion to its viewers.  An example was the episode “Ghost Town” which was the 14th episode filmed but was aired as the 2nd episode.

The program is about the story of the passengers and crew of the spacecraft called “Spindrift” that was suppose to travel through an ultra-fast route of parabolic trajectory from Los Angeles to London.  But the Spindrift came upon a strange space storm which accidentally transported it to a strange planet.  This planet looked similar like Earth but everything on it is twelve times larger than Earth itself.

The inhabitants of this planet were unbelievably tall, about 72 feet, which caused the crew to call them “the giants”.  The giants resemble humans and in some ways their society is similar to the US government in the 60s.  Having known that aliens have invaded their planet, the giants offered a reward to those who will capture the Earth people.

In almost every episode, the giants try to capture one of the crew or passengers while the rest will have to rescue him or her.  The characters in the TV program were able to avoid being captured most of the time since their spacecraft crashed and is hidden in a forest outside the giant’s city.  Also, the characters tried to build alliances from some giants in exchange for things which were beneficial to both giants and Earth people. Here are more fun facts about the sci-fi TV program Land of the Giants:

*Some cities of the strange planet were named through the series, but the name giants’ planet itself was never revealed.

*Chrysler Corporation was the automaker of the series, so nameplates on cars and trucks were clearly shown and is visible despite that the setting of the story is supposed to be in another planet.

* Spindrift’s flight number and the date of its crash (June 12 1983) is the program creator’s (Irwin Allen’s) birthday.

*The guns and computers used as props in Land of the Giants were also used in The Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Batman (1966) and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

*Land of the Giants came from the mystery novel written by Agatha Christie called “And Then There Were None” which was then published in 1939 as “The Ten Little Indians”.

*The actress who played the role of Betty Hamilton was pregnant for most of the shows in the second season.  Most of her shots were filmed from waist up, was taken out of previous episodes or she wore baggy clothes.

*The giants often had alien-sounding names.  Only three of the giants were given creative names which were “Flat Broke”, “Also Broke” and “Lad” spelled backwards.