Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaner – No Dust Filter, Good for Hardwood

Dyson which is a British Tech company founded by Sir James Dyson in 1993, it took 5,127 prototypes in 5 years for Sir James just to invent the ever first bagless vacuum. Ever since, their engineers had been refining the technology and now, they invented the ever first vacuum that doesn’t need a filter to operate, the Dyson DC54.

Let’s see how Dyson tests their proud vacuum cleaning technologies.

Dyson’s Newest Innovation: Dyson DC54 cyclone technology

The DC54 is Dyson’s smallest and also the most effective cyclones that generate powerful centrifugal forces in order to separate even more particles than other cyclone vacs. The post-motor of Dyson’s cyclone technology requires no filtering maintenance as high frequency oscillating tips vibrates in order to prevent cyclone aperture from clogging. Now because of its efficiency of its cyclone technology, no filter is required. The new Dyson DC54 also incorporates Dyson’s Ball technology for easy stirring and no awkward moves. Many consumers have positive feedbacks with the Dyson DC54 as their best hardwood floor vacuum and most of us know that canister type vacuums are much better to use on bare floors and safer for hardwood surfaces.


We have also read positive comments on different Dyson DC54 feedback from several trusted reviewers. Most of them are still impressed with its suction power and still how easy it is to control and stir. Dyson has always been innovating for us to make cleaning more efficient and effortlessly. The Dyson DC54 also has different models to choose from, Multi-Floor, Allergy, Animal and Animal Pro. But what really amazes me is that this vacuum cleaner does not need a filter anymore and remember that vacuum filters are used to trap dust and dirt while discharging air out from its unit. Some even use HEPA filters to make sure that we breathe clean air and not dust.

Guys, if you haven’t owned a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner yet, get this one and you’ll be amazed on how Dyson vacuum cleaners are efficient and fun to use. Plus, most of them are durable and has great designs. You’ll be proud to own one for sure.