Comedy Central Review

Comedy Central was first launched as Comedy Channel on November 15, 1989 by Time Warner. It was America’s first cable channel dedicated to showcasing comedic programming, both syndicated and original.  It later merged with its rival channel called “Ha!” by Viacom in 1990.

Before the merge, Comedy Channel programs include Mystery Science Theater 3000, Onion World, The Sweet Life with Rachel Sweet and a lot more.  In the late 80s and up to the mid 90s, Comedy Central’s programming consisted of sitcom reruns, comedy films, clip shows of comedians and 30-minute specials.

Mystery Science Theater 3000


Though Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a hit then, the total number of viewers watching Comedy Central was still somewhat a small market share. Yet in 1997, South Park, the first TV-MA rated major show on cable television increased the channel’s viewership throughout America.  The show was very controversial that it became America’s most talked about program, which then resulted to Comedy Central’s increase in viewership to over 50% market share.


Even with South Park’s mature content, the program’s success motivated the network to continue on featuring shows like the Secret Stash (every 1AM Saturday and Sunday mornings).  The show features a movie, an animated program or a comedy special with unedited adult language.  Though there were no censorship in the language used, most nudity shown in the programs were still edited, yet limited nudity were allowed in some animated programs as well as some topless scenes from time to time.

South Park

Since June 27 2007, The Comedy Network together with CTV and other CTVglobemeda-owned networks had full Canadian rights on all of Comedy Central’s library, both of the past and previous programs on every electronic platform, such as social media.  Both Viacom and CTVglobemedia are planning to expand on past programming contracts under a multi-year agreement.

On January 1st of 2011, Comedy Central dropped their broadcasting tower logo and introduced their new logo.  The new logo is made up of an image of two C’s and the words Comedy and Central, where the word Central and the other “C” logo was drawn upside down.  Comedy Central also launched its HD version in DirectTV in 2009 of January.  HD programs include new episodes of South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program, Reno 911! and a lot more.  Other movies and stand up specials are also in HD.

Comedy Central expanded throughout the world and is now available in local channels in India, Israel, Italy, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Spain and United Kingdom.

Comedy Central’s Official Site allows users to view the network’s shows, programs schedules, episodes, blogs, stand-up clips, jokes, watch videos and see their upcoming shows and seasons and a lot more.  Other comedy websites, free games, game trailers, cheat codes and a lot more are also found in Comedy Central’s website under “Friends of Comedy Central”.

Canadian users who wish to visit Comedy Central websites are redirected to The Comedy Network’s website.  Both The Comedy Central and The Comedy Network websites are accessible worldwide except for some videos that are only available in some local native countries.