Brundlefly Review

The Fly (1958)Brundlefly is a fictional character in a movie of a scientist who accidentally altered his DNA into a housefly of his own teleportation experiment.  The original short story of George Langelaan was produced into a film in the year 1958 entitle “The Fly” which was then remade in the 80’s, with the same title and theme but with a more gradual transformation of the “Brundlefly” character.

Kip Ohman, co-producer of 80s film “The Fly” suggested screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue to rewrite Langelaan’s short story.  Pogue was interested of doing the project after he had read and watched the original film.  He then convinced Stuart Cornfeld to help set up the movie’s production.

Cornfeld and Pogue talked to 20th Century Fox executives to help produce the “The Fly” remake and immediately got positive response.  Pogue wrote the first draft of the screenplay after receiving money from the film corporation.  Pogue and Cornfeld both agreed that the movie would have a better outcome if they focused on the slow metamorphosis of the character “Brundlefly”.

Yet the executives of the film corporation were not impressed of Pogue’s script.  Cornfeld, on the other hand closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to still distribute the film provided he would find another financier for the said movie.  So, Cornfeld convinced Mel Brooks of Brooksfilms to finance for them, however, Brooks believed that they should get a different writer.

Though Pogue was replaced by Walon Green, but brought back by Cornfeld to try again and polish the script.  Also, Cornfeld and Brooks are looking for the perfect director for the movie.  David Cronenberg was their first choice, who was then working on another project so was unable to do the remake.  Cornfeld then hired Robert Bierman, a young British director.

But due to some family issues, Bierman was then replaced by Cronenberg as director.  Cronenberg accepted Cornfeld’s offer provided that he will rewrite and pitch in his ideas for the script.  Yet, even with the major changes on Pogue’s script, Cronenberg still insisted that Pogue should share the credit with him for the movie’s screenplay.  This is because he thinks that his adaptation will not be realized if not for Pogue’s script.

After the long preparation, the casting for the movie was put together.  Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were finally chosen for the lead roles.  Chris Walas was hired to supervise the extensive special effects of the film.  He was also the designer of the creatures in the movie “Gremlins”.  He won an Academy Award for the Best Makeup for this movie.

This 80s remake movie is about the story of a strange but brilliant scientist named Seth Brundle who met a journalist named Veronica Quiafe of Particle magazine at a press conference held by Bartok Science Industries, a company funding the scientist’s experiments.  The scientist invited Veronica to go to his laboratory which also is his home and show her his project that will change the world.

Seth’s project is a set of “Telepods” that instantly teleports an object from one pod to the other pod.  After seeing Seth’s project, Veronica finally agreed to document the scientist’s work.  In the beginning, Seth’s “Telepod” can perfectly transport non-living objects, but still needs reprogramming in order to transport living objects.

The two had a romantic relationship which inspired Seth to improve the “Telepod”.  Seth was very excited to share his success with Veronica, who left immediately before the two even started the celebration.  Veronica’s actions made Seth worried and frustrated. Seth thought that Veronica wanted to revive her old flame with Stathis Borans, Veronica’s editor and ex-lover.  Veronica’s actions led Seth to transport himself using his “Telepod”, oblivious of the fly that was with him in the pod.  After the process, Seth came out of the pod just the same.  He also felt an increase in his stamina, strength and sexual potency in which he thought were advantageous results of the teleportation he went through.

Seth, unaware that he already had a housefly’s genes mixed up in his genetic makeup, slowly began to encounter strange changes to his physical and mental health.  Veronica on the other hand learned that she was pregnant, yet was not sure if she got pregnant before or after the teleportation.  Veronica together with Borans tried to convince a doctor to abort the baby.

Seth tried to stop the two and forced Veronica to transport her and the baby so they could become just like him.  In the end, Veronica shot and killed Seth.