Choosing Your Best Coffee Machine

If you love drinking coffee, owning a coffee machine or coffee maker is perhaps the best thing to do. As this machine will create a perfect blend of coffee, it is very important to look for the finest coffee maker. This is because there are numerous prices, design, types and maker. Before you purchase one, it is imperative to figure out the kind of coffee maker you will need. This will help you find the appropriate coffee maker that will definitely suits your needs. You have to determine whether you prefer espresso, classic drink of coffee, cappuccino and etc. Typical coffee makers are applicable for people who just want to taste a normal coffee. There are also coffee makers if you want the flavored ones.

The size or capacity of the coffee maker depends on your requirements. If you are the only one who will drink coffee then you should choose a smaller cup capacity coffee machine.You also have the option of a thermal (provides better insulation and more durable) or glass carafe (less expensive and most likely the unit will feature heater plate). There are also coffee makers that will allow you to brew one to four cups at the same time, instead of one coffee machine pot. Deciding on which of the top rated coffee makers to pick will primarily depend according to your needs and coffee preferences.

If you are fund of making specialty drinks, then you will need an espresso machine. On the other hand, keep in mind that espresso machines are quite expensive, so you just need to select the right one that will produce a delicious coffee. Espresso machines can have the capacity to produce one or two cups at the same time. Typically, espresso machines are available in automatic, semi-automatic as well as super automatic. Most home espresso machines are semi-automatic. You can get a reliable espresso machine for home with commercial quality components on a budget ranging between $400 – $700. There are some machines that only cost around $100 and can still produce fine espressos.

Before you purchase a coffee machine, make sure to consider the features offered. Various brands of coffee maker offer different features, so it is imperative to do your research when looking for the right coffee maker. Durability and quality of the coffee maker is an utmost aspect that you always need to remember when buying an appliance like coffee machines. The price of the machine should be just secondary.

The brand name of the coffee machine is also an essential aspect that you need to consider when choosing. The company should have the reputation for producing quality and dependable coffee makers.

In any coffee maker, whether it’s a standard or complex model, maintenance of the coffee machine is important in order to assure that it can produce the distinct taste of coffee that you always love. You can create a homemade cleaner that is consists of vinegar and water solution to eliminate water deposits that build-up inside. Additionally, you must only use distilled or purified water for making coffee instead of tap water. Keep in mind that these are fresh water that doesn’t leave deposits.

Finding the best coffee machine is easy as long as you know what you want. You can ask for recommendation from your friends and colleagues in order to look for the appropriate coffee machine that will help you produce a tasty coffee you always love.

Important Steps In Shaving Bikini Area

Shaving the bikini area can be difficult for most women.  They may have to deal with bumps and nicks that make it uncomfortable to visit their local beach spot.  Thankfully, there are some useful steps in shaving bikini area that you should follow if you will be doing this yourself.  By using the following tips, you will find that it is easy for you to get a close and beautiful shave without having to worry about razor burn or any other problems that are often related to shaving this delicate area on the body.

Where to Shave

It is best that you do not shave your bikini area at the sink.  Many women find that shaving their legs at the sink is a great way to get a smooth and clean finish, but the bikini area really needs to be immersed in water in order to avoid bumps and razor burn.  The best place to shave the bikini area would be while taking a bath.  Make sure that the bath water is warm or hot to allow the pores on the skin to open and the hair follicles to soften a bit.

It is a good idea to take a bath for at least a half an hour before you begin shaving.  You will find that a half an hour is sufficient when it comes to softening the hair and opening up the skin’s pores.  You will also find that the longer you stay in the bath, the easier it is to shave and the cleaner shave you get after it is complete.  Many women also find that putting a bubble bath mix into the water helps to soften hair even more because of the soap content.  It is up to you as to what you would like to put into the bath water.

Shaving the Bikini Area

Shaving the bikini area should be done slowly and thoughtfully.  Following the certain steps in shaving bikini area is essential if you want a clean and close shave for swimsuit season.  The first step in shaving would be to use a brand new razor.  The razor should never be dull and it should absolutely never be rusty.  You will want to use a fresh razor each time you shave the bikini area.  You should shave the hair against the grain to get a smoother look and to ensure that all stubble is completely rid of.

It is also important to take your time shaving this particular area.  This area on the body is incredibly delicate and can be nicked quite easily if you are not too careful.  You may also want to avoid using shaving cream because it may be hard for you to see where you are shaving.  Oftentimes, the water from your bath is sufficient to shave this area.  If need be, be sure to use a shaving cream that is specifically meant for the bikini area or sensitive skin.  This will help you to feel good about the product you are using.

Some Helpful Tips

These steps in shaving bikini area can help to give you a gorgeous and flawless look that you absolutely love.  As stated before, it is a good idea to take your time when shaving this area.  You may also want to determine what type of shave you are going for.  You may simply want to get rid of hair that could pop out of the ends of your swimsuit or you may want to shave everything off entirely.  You should make this decision before you actually start shaving so that you do not have to worry that you are stuck with something that you do not like. By finding the best electric shaver that is safe on sensitive skin by reading some electric razor reviews would also help.

Also, you may find it beneficial to use a mirror in order to see what you are doing.  While this does take some coordination to hold the mirror and the razor at the same time, the mirror will allow you to get to spots that you may have otherwise missed.  Be sure to use a large enough mirror that you can also use under the water if you are taking a bath and shaving at the same time.  Using a mirror is a great way to get a clean and close shave.

Having the perfect bikini area is essential as the temperatures outside begin to rise and you are more apt to go into swimming pools and local beaches.  You will find that using these helpful tips will help you to get a gorgeous shave that you never have to feel embarrassed about while on the beach.  The most important thing is to take your time and to use a fresh razor for each bikini shave.  If all else fails, you can then consider going for bikini waxing at your local salon if shaving is simply not your cup of tea.

Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaner – No Dust Filter, Good for Hardwood

Dyson which is a British Tech company founded by Sir James Dyson in 1993, it took 5,127 prototypes in 5 years for Sir James just to invent the ever first bagless vacuum. Ever since, their engineers had been refining the technology and now, they invented the ever first vacuum that doesn’t need a filter to operate, the Dyson DC54.

Let’s see how Dyson tests their proud vacuum cleaning technologies.

Dyson’s Newest Innovation: Dyson DC54 cyclone technology

The DC54 is Dyson’s smallest and also the most effective cyclones that generate powerful centrifugal forces in order to separate even more particles than other cyclone vacs. The post-motor of Dyson’s cyclone technology requires no filtering maintenance as high frequency oscillating tips vibrates in order to prevent cyclone aperture from clogging. Now because of its efficiency of its cyclone technology, no filter is required. The new Dyson DC54 also incorporates Dyson’s Ball technology for easy stirring and no awkward moves. Many consumers have positive feedbacks with the Dyson DC54 as their best hardwood floor vacuum and most of us know that canister type vacuums are much better to use on bare floors and safer for hardwood surfaces.


We have also read positive comments on different Dyson DC54 feedback from several trusted reviewers. Most of them are still impressed with its suction power and still how easy it is to control and stir. Dyson has always been innovating for us to make cleaning more efficient and effortlessly. The Dyson DC54 also has different models to choose from, Multi-Floor, Allergy, Animal and Animal Pro. But what really amazes me is that this vacuum cleaner does not need a filter anymore and remember that vacuum filters are used to trap dust and dirt while discharging air out from its unit. Some even use HEPA filters to make sure that we breathe clean air and not dust.

Guys, if you haven’t owned a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner yet, get this one and you’ll be amazed on how Dyson vacuum cleaners are efficient and fun to use. Plus, most of them are durable and has great designs. You’ll be proud to own one for sure.

Kolchak Review

Kolchak: The Night Stalker was an American television series. It was created by Jeff Rice during the 70s.  The series had a combination of science fiction, supernatural, horror and thriller elements.   This TV series came after two TV movies, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler in 1971 and 1975, respectively. The Kolchak TV series was then cancelled after one season because of its average ratings.  Originally, the show had 26 episodes, but only completed 20 episodes.  The unexceptional ratings of the show made its star unhappy and so it was cancelled.

The novel “The Kolchak Papers” by Jeff Rice was the inspiration to the two TV movies and the series.  It was opted to have a title “The Kolchak Chronicles”.  Alternatively, the said novel was really intended to be shown on screen, so it was not published until the two movies were shown on TV.  The original novel was then published by Pocket Books as a popular paperback with the title “The Night Stalker”, with Darren McGavin’s photo on its cover.  The second movie was also novelized, written also by Jeff Rice and was based on the original script of Richard Matheson.  The said novel was republished as an anthology edition in 2007 by Moonstone, entitled “The Kolchak Papers”.

Kolchak The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker was then made into a script by Richard Matheson.  It was directed by a theatrical and TV movie veteran, John Llewllyn Moxey and produced by Dan Curtis.  The said movie became the highest rated original movie of ABC.  It was the first ever TV movie that had 54 shares and 33.2 ratings.  The said movie gave Matheson an Edgar Award for Best TV Feature or Miniseries Teleplay in 1973.

The Night Stalker was broadcasted on January 11 1972.  It is a story about an investigative journalist.  A series of murders made Carl Kolchak (the investigative journalist) believe that a serial killer is lurking around The Strip of Las Vegas.  He wrote a story about his suspected serial killings, but the authorities held it back.  Kolchak suspected that the killer was a vampire.  Precisely, his suspicions were real when he saw with his own eyes evidences of a real vampire.  In this movie, he took down the vampire killer by himself. Yet, he lost his job and his girlfriend (who was earning a living as a dancer and was later on blackmailed by the police).

The second movie was aired on January 19, 1973. The second movie was entitled “The Night Strangler”.  In this movie, Carl Kolchak moved in to Seattle since he had no reason to be in Las Vegas. Kolchak was then hired by his old editor, Tony Vincenzo who assigned him to take on a story of another series of killings.  All the victims of the killings were exotic dancers, whose necks were crushed because of strangulation and as well as a few ounces of blood drained from their bodies.

Kolchak together with the help of a researcher named Titus Barry discovered that the murders recur every 21 years.  The killer is an elixir of life and a surgeon in Westside Mercy Hospital during the Civil War, named Dr. Richard Malcolm.  Kolchak found a painting of the doctor who was the living image of a Dr. Malcom Richards, the founder of the clinic where Kolchak went to hoping to find old hospital records. Kolchak was then set to chase the killer before he completes his elixir and disappear again. Due to limitations on time, some scenes on the second movie was cut.

In September 29 2005, the Night Stalker series was aired again on ABC but was cancelled on November 14 2005 because of low ratings.  The series was available in DVD on that same year.  Also, Kolchak’s character was acknowledged in the show by The X-Files creator, Chris Carter.  He mentioned on an interview that 30% of his show was indeed inspired by the Kolchak series.  In order to pay tribute to Kolchak, Carter named a character “Richard Matheson” appeared in several episodes of X-files.  However, McGavin appeared in several episodes of Carter’s series as a retired FBI agent named Arthur Dales as the “father of the X-files”.

Comedy Central Review

Comedy Central was first launched as Comedy Channel on November 15, 1989 by Time Warner. It was America’s first cable channel dedicated to showcasing comedic programming, both syndicated and original.  It later merged with its rival channel called “Ha!” by Viacom in 1990.

Before the merge, Comedy Channel programs include Mystery Science Theater 3000, Onion World, The Sweet Life with Rachel Sweet and a lot more.  In the late 80s and up to the mid 90s, Comedy Central’s programming consisted of sitcom reruns, comedy films, clip shows of comedians and 30-minute specials.

Mystery Science Theater 3000


Though Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a hit then, the total number of viewers watching Comedy Central was still somewhat a small market share. Yet in 1997, South Park, the first TV-MA rated major show on cable television increased the channel’s viewership throughout America.  The show was very controversial that it became America’s most talked about program, which then resulted to Comedy Central’s increase in viewership to over 50% market share.


Even with South Park’s mature content, the program’s success motivated the network to continue on featuring shows like the Secret Stash (every 1AM Saturday and Sunday mornings).  The show features a movie, an animated program or a comedy special with unedited adult language.  Though there were no censorship in the language used, most nudity shown in the programs were still edited, yet limited nudity were allowed in some animated programs as well as some topless scenes from time to time.

South Park

Since June 27 2007, The Comedy Network together with CTV and other CTVglobemeda-owned networks had full Canadian rights on all of Comedy Central’s library, both of the past and previous programs on every electronic platform, such as social media.  Both Viacom and CTVglobemedia are planning to expand on past programming contracts under a multi-year agreement.

On January 1st of 2011, Comedy Central dropped their broadcasting tower logo and introduced their new logo.  The new logo is made up of an image of two C’s and the words Comedy and Central, where the word Central and the other “C” logo was drawn upside down.  Comedy Central also launched its HD version in DirectTV in 2009 of January.  HD programs include new episodes of South Park, The Sarah Silverman Program, Reno 911! and a lot more.  Other movies and stand up specials are also in HD.

Comedy Central expanded throughout the world and is now available in local channels in India, Israel, Italy, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Spain and United Kingdom.

Comedy Central’s Official Site allows users to view the network’s shows, programs schedules, episodes, blogs, stand-up clips, jokes, watch videos and see their upcoming shows and seasons and a lot more.  Other comedy websites, free games, game trailers, cheat codes and a lot more are also found in Comedy Central’s website under “Friends of Comedy Central”.

Canadian users who wish to visit Comedy Central websites are redirected to The Comedy Network’s website.  Both The Comedy Central and The Comedy Network websites are accessible worldwide except for some videos that are only available in some local native countries.

Star Trek Review

More often than not, the cancellation of a TV series would be its death. Yet, this was not the case for Star Trek.  After the end of its low rated three-year season on NBC is its unexpected 40-year enterprise success.  In order to compensate the production loss of the original series, Paramount Studios sold the syndication rights to Star Trek and began reruns in 1969.  This created a greater fanbase than it has when it was still on in NBC.

From then on, it made eleven films, six television series, hundreds of novels, dozens of games, countless replicas and toys, two traveling museum exhibits of Star Trek props and even had a themed attraction which opened in 1998 but was then closed in 2008 in Las Vegas.

Star Trek’s The Original Series (TOS) was aired from 1966 to 1969 in NBC. This is a story of the starship Enterprise crew, (both humans and aliens) who works for Starfleet, a scientific exploratory agency of the United Federation of Planets.  The story of Enterprise crew is similarly to that of the controversial issues in the 60s.  TOS got several nominations during its original run in the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and won twice before it was cancelled after its third season.

Star Trek The Original Series

It was then followed by the short-lived Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS).  The voices of the characters in this animated series where performed by its original cast in TOS.  Many of the stories in this series were also written by the original writers, such as Paul Schneider, D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold.  Since the series is in animation form, it allowed the producers to make more exotic life forms and alien landscapes.  Yet it also caused animation errors and insistent reuse of shots and musical cues.  Despite that, TAS won an award in 1975, Star Trek’s first Emmy Award.  TAS episodes were released on laserdisc, VHS and DVD formats.

Star Trek: The Next Generation or TNG was the highest rating Star Trek series.  TNG took place a hundred years after The Original Series.  It featured a new starship called Enterprise-D.  It also had new crew headed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander William Riker.  New alien races like half-Betazoid counselor Deanna Troi and the first Klingon officer Worf in Starfleet were also introduced to the Federation as crewmembers.  TNG ran for seven seasons from 1987 to 1994.  The first two seasons were mainly produced by its creator, Gene Roddenberry.  Rick Berman was the executive producer of the remaining Star Trek series and films which include the cast of The Next Generation.

Deep Space Nine is the fourth among the Star Trek series.  What’s different in this series is that DS9 happened on a space station and not on a starship.  It took place during the years and immediate years of TNG.  This sci-fi series also ran for seven seasons.  It’s religious themes and disagreements between the crew made DS9 different among all Star Trek series.  DS9 was the last series affiliated to Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek: Voyager presented the first female commanding officer lead by Captain Kathryn Janeway, who was played by Kate Mulgrew, also the first leading role given to a female among all Star Trek series.  The story of Voyager happened about the same period as DS9.  It featured USS Voyager, an Intrepid-class starship on pursuit of a Maquis ship manned by Federation rebels.  The two ships got stranded 70,000 light years away from Earth in Delta Quadrant.  Like in the early seasons of Deep Space 9, the characters in Voyager had major struggles with each other. Marquis rebels and Starfleet crew were forced by their situation to work together in order to overcome their differences and as well as cleverly seek ways on how to shorten their 70-year voyage.

The 6th Star Trek series is a prequel titled Enterprise.  It took place before the Federation was founded and about 90 years after the incident of Zefram Cochrane’s first warp flight.  The first two seasons of Enterprise was like a series of episodes from TOS, TNG and Voyager. The third season had an evil plot and arranged like of DS9 set-up.  The 4th season showed episodes of about two to three mini-arcs.  Enterprise’s last season solved and corrected the persistent vital problems in many Star Trek series.  It also presented the origin of the elements in the earlier series.  The Enterprise ratings rapidly declined despite its strong start. Here are some fun facts about Star Trek:

*Studies show that more children were able to learn more about Science from Star Trek compared to any other source.

*Ashes of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and James Doohan (who played the role of chief engineer from the original Star Trek) were sent to space by NASA rockets.

*The wife of Gene Rodenberry, Majel Barrett is the voice behind the ship’s computer.  She was still able to record for the film in 2009 before her death in 2008.

*Matt Damon rejected the offer to play the role of Captain James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

*The TNG character’s name Geordi La Forge came from a devoted fan of the original Star Trek series who had muscular dystrophy. His name was George La Forge, who died in 1975.

*Most Vulcans eat their food wearing special gloves and are vegetarians.

*TV Guide ad by RCA quoted Star Trek: The Original Series is the reason why people should buy a color TV in the 60s.

*The character “Spock” played by Leonard Nimoy was rejected at first because of worries about his devilish pointed ears could cause disturbance to some viewers.

*Zachary Quinto dyed his hair and shaved his eyebrows using what he recommended after reading several electric razor reviews to prepare for his role as “Spock” in 2009.

*The fingers of Zachary Quinto who played Spock in 2009 were glued by Star Trek Director J.J. Abrams for him to perfect the Vulcan salute.

*”Nyota” Lieutenant Uhura’s name means “freedom” in Swahili.

*The alien race “Ferengi” is a Persian word for “foreigner”.

*It will take three weeks to watch all 726 episodes, 11 films and spin-offs consecutively.

Brundlefly Review

The Fly (1958)Brundlefly is a fictional character in a movie of a scientist who accidentally altered his DNA into a housefly of his own teleportation experiment.  The original short story of George Langelaan was produced into a film in the year 1958 entitle “The Fly” which was then remade in the 80’s, with the same title and theme but with a more gradual transformation of the “Brundlefly” character.

Kip Ohman, co-producer of 80s film “The Fly” suggested screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue to rewrite Langelaan’s short story.  Pogue was interested of doing the project after he had read and watched the original film.  He then convinced Stuart Cornfeld to help set up the movie’s production.

Cornfeld and Pogue talked to 20th Century Fox executives to help produce the “The Fly” remake and immediately got positive response.  Pogue wrote the first draft of the screenplay after receiving money from the film corporation.  Pogue and Cornfeld both agreed that the movie would have a better outcome if they focused on the slow metamorphosis of the character “Brundlefly”.

Yet the executives of the film corporation were not impressed of Pogue’s script.  Cornfeld, on the other hand closed a deal with 20th Century Fox to still distribute the film provided he would find another financier for the said movie.  So, Cornfeld convinced Mel Brooks of Brooksfilms to finance for them, however, Brooks believed that they should get a different writer.

Though Pogue was replaced by Walon Green, but brought back by Cornfeld to try again and polish the script.  Also, Cornfeld and Brooks are looking for the perfect director for the movie.  David Cronenberg was their first choice, who was then working on another project so was unable to do the remake.  Cornfeld then hired Robert Bierman, a young British director.

But due to some family issues, Bierman was then replaced by Cronenberg as director.  Cronenberg accepted Cornfeld’s offer provided that he will rewrite and pitch in his ideas for the script.  Yet, even with the major changes on Pogue’s script, Cronenberg still insisted that Pogue should share the credit with him for the movie’s screenplay.  This is because he thinks that his adaptation will not be realized if not for Pogue’s script.

After the long preparation, the casting for the movie was put together.  Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were finally chosen for the lead roles.  Chris Walas was hired to supervise the extensive special effects of the film.  He was also the designer of the creatures in the movie “Gremlins”.  He won an Academy Award for the Best Makeup for this movie.

This 80s remake movie is about the story of a strange but brilliant scientist named Seth Brundle who met a journalist named Veronica Quiafe of Particle magazine at a press conference held by Bartok Science Industries, a company funding the scientist’s experiments.  The scientist invited Veronica to go to his laboratory which also is his home and show her his project that will change the world.

Seth’s project is a set of “Telepods” that instantly teleports an object from one pod to the other pod.  After seeing Seth’s project, Veronica finally agreed to document the scientist’s work.  In the beginning, Seth’s “Telepod” can perfectly transport non-living objects, but still needs reprogramming in order to transport living objects.

The two had a romantic relationship which inspired Seth to improve the “Telepod”.  Seth was very excited to share his success with Veronica, who left immediately before the two even started the celebration.  Veronica’s actions made Seth worried and frustrated. Seth thought that Veronica wanted to revive her old flame with Stathis Borans, Veronica’s editor and ex-lover.  Veronica’s actions led Seth to transport himself using his “Telepod”, oblivious of the fly that was with him in the pod.  After the process, Seth came out of the pod just the same.  He also felt an increase in his stamina, strength and sexual potency in which he thought were advantageous results of the teleportation he went through.

Seth, unaware that he already had a housefly’s genes mixed up in his genetic makeup, slowly began to encounter strange changes to his physical and mental health.  Veronica on the other hand learned that she was pregnant, yet was not sure if she got pregnant before or after the teleportation.  Veronica together with Borans tried to convince a doctor to abort the baby.

Seth tried to stop the two and forced Veronica to transport her and the baby so they could become just like him.  In the end, Veronica shot and killed Seth.